Rosanne Ramirez

As a QHHT Practitioner and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Rosanne’s passion and commitment focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This journey of healing and awakening has driven her to work at the deepest levels with top practitioners from around the world. Specializing in inner child healing, subconscious/reflective coaching, neuro-

muscular testing and QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) Rosanne gracefully guides others willing to participate in their own greatness by supporting her clients to connect with their highest self, receive the clearest guidance, integrate their truth and experience the deepest levels of healing.

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Jeff Brion

As a C.H.E.K. Practitioner Jeff healed himself from many ailments including Ulcerative Colitis. His teachings are a comprised philosophy of holistic living principles to vibrate at one’s most optimal level. Through Jeff’s work with his clients he teaches a multi-disciplinary approach of physical integration, postural correction/ 

strengthening, myo-fascial release/stretching, spinal decompression, mobilization techniques, mental-movement coordination, moving meditation and holistic lifestyle principles and nutrition. Jeff’s passion is healing through movement. His teachings evoke you to open your body to new cognitive movements so you may open your mind to new stages of awareness physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.

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